1. What is real time monitoring?

The entire team of field operators is equipped with android application based mobile phones. This enables them to upload the data along-with photographs into our dedicated servers. This information is then segregated and stored in our server. Information regarding any discrepancies is passed on to the client immediately, which enables the client to cross verify and get it rectified by the concerned authorities.

Time Outdoor Monitoring provides a secured password and unique login ID for the access to its abundant database for its clients.

2. When do Monitoring Agencies come into play?

In order to call an advertising campaign successful, we ought to be able to substantiate it with figures. The biggest inadequacy that the outdoor industry faces today is the popular misconception of its immeasurability. This is where monitoring agencies come into play.

3. Why is monitoring important?

Track your campaigns: Monitoring tracks your campaigns to give you up-to–date information on the status of your campaigns any time and all the time.

Take corrective action at the right time: Monitoring can identify and report the big and small amiss to give your campaign 100% delivery against promise!

Make campaigns work better: Campaigns work better if they are examined. You can be rest assured of the input being correct or corrected at the right time to enhance your campaign performance.

Optimize returns: All this ensures that the advertiser gets maximum return on his investment, the agency the maximum return on his plan and the media owner the maximum return on his media.

‘Measurability is the proof of success’

4. How can we access the information or get the reports?

• Web Hosted – hence accessible anywhere, anytime.
• Data can be accessed round the clock through a secured login and password.
• Clients can generate online reports for presentation as and when required.

5. Why are monitoring agencies hired?

Monitoring Agencies are commissioned by clients (agencies, contractors and advertisers) to track/audit out-of-home campaigns with their specialist tools to ensure that displays:

• Are in the right place
• Are put on time
• Are with the right design/display
• Remain undamaged during campaign period
• Meet standard outdoor visibility imperatives

6. What is Campaign Monitoring?

Campaign Monitoring, aims at bringing to notice issues related to health of the site (viz vinyl status, illum status, structure) throughout the campaign from start to end, and if any other related discrepancies.

7. In which formats do we receive the reports?

We receive the reports in the following breakups:

• Periodic Frequency Wise data(Monthly, Weekly)
• Geographical Selection Criteria (Area Wise, City Wise, State Wise)
• Media Type Criteria
• Industry Wise, Category Wise, Group Wise, Brand Wise selection Criteria.

8. What is CIR?

Competitive Intelligence Reporting (C.I.R), aims at helping the clients to track their own brands
and simultaneously have a track on competitors activities.

9. How can the data of Competitor Intelligence Reporting (CIR) be useful for an advertiser?

• We get data not only about our campaign but also of the competitor’s campaign.
• We can plan media strategy to tackle that of the competitor.
• We can understand the loopholes with our existing campaign and improve the same the next time.

10. How many cities are covered?

• Presently the company covers around 40 cities across the nation for Competitive Intelligence Reporting (weekly coverage for Metro Cities and fortnightly coverage for Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities).

• 75 cities across nation are covered for Campaign Monitoring (Daily coverage for Major Metros and Weekly coverage for other Metros & Tier-1 Cities).

What is process of data collection?

The field operator visits all the OOH locations irrespective of their media on weekly basis for metros and Tier 1 Cites & Fortnightly for Tier 2 Cities. Click the photographs of the display and forward the same to our backend office at Mumbai. A dedicated team of operators at the backend office process the data and make it available to our clients before 10th of every month for the previous month.



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- Competitive Intelligence Reporting (C.I.R):

- Campaign Monitoring:

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