Current Services:

We cater two types of services:

The first being, Competitive Intelligence Reporting (C.I.R), which aims at helping the clients to track their own brands and simultaneously have a track on competitor’s activities.

Key Features:-

1. We get data not only about our campaign but also of the Competitor’s campaign.
2. We can plan media strategy to tackle that of the competitor.
3. We can understand the loopholes with our existing campaign and improve the same next time.
4. Audited on a weekly basis for 40 Cities.

The Second is, Campaign Monitoring, which aims at bringing to notice issues related to health of the site (viz vinyl status, illum status, structure) throughout the campaign from start to end, and if any other related discrepancies.

Key Features:-

1. We can justify the expense made by monitoring every site as per the date of a particular campaign.
2. Can effectively reduce the scope of discrepancies aroused during the Campaign tenure.
3. Audited on a daily/weekly basis for 75 Cities.

Data along-with the date & time stamped photographs of our field operator's visit to the location are maintained in our database servers at our Mumbai HO. The data can be accessed round the clock through a secured login. Clients can also generate online reports for presentations as and when required. Our customized services are aimed at benefitting our clients to all extent.


- Realtime Monitoring

- Competitive Intelligence Reporting (C.I.R):

- Campaign Monitoring:

CEO's View

“I always believe that it is easier to start and wind up a business, but I pry myself on sustaining in this volatile industry for over 15 years and always envision keeping expanding the boundaries of Time.....”.
- T.J. Ragava.

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